Hey I’m Oliver. Welcome :)

I’m on a mission to live well: intelligently and wholeheartedly with love, humour and courage.

Hyperbolec is my thoughts on micromobility, art, investing, climate change, loving well and the connections between them all.

I lived in New Zealand, Canada, USA and Qatar before joining Uber as an early employee in Australasia. I led early Mobility-as-a-Service transit integrations and Uber’s global blockchain working group, among other things.

I now cohost the Micromobility Podcast and conference with Horace Dediu and invest in companies building the sort of future I want to see. I’m also an Edmund Hillary Fellow, supporting global impact ventures from New Zealand.

I facilitate men’s work, do spoken word and have a created my own kind of hyperbolic string art (thus the name of this site ;).

I can be found on Twitter at @oliverbruce and in the real world in Wellington, NZ. I love meeting new people. Please reach out.


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Electric bikes and scooters will fundamentally reshape our transport systems. They’re cheap, quick, clean and perfectly matched to how we travel: predominantly short trips.

Micromobility vehicles will become the primary vehicle type around which our cities will be designed.

I consult to/give talks to governments and startups in the micromobility space on go-to-market, regulation and business models. My best work here is ‘Why You Should Pay Attention to Micromobility’.


I was lucky to make money that was superfluous to my living expenses early in my life. I try and deploy it intelligently to create the sort of world I want to see.

I focus on companies that make money disrupting the unsustainable status quo and creates change by compounding on itself.

I currently back companies building Mobility-as-a-Service offerings (Mevo, Spring, Weel), next generation crypto platforms (Dfinity, Numerai) and climate mitigation/adaptation tech (Terminator Breakers, Carbonscape, Weavegrid).

If you think what you’re doing is a good match for my funding/assistance, please DM me on Twitter.